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Related post: Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 22:54:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Jay Johndon Subject: Omarion's Song Part 1Disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional. It is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about preteen lolita model photography their private lives. Hopefully this meeting will be more successful than the previous ones. My name is Jerome, but at the meeting today they know me as simply Rome. You see, I'm a songwriter here in Atlanta and my songwriting team has a meeting with a major production company. The name of my team is Blackout. We've been writing songs for a couple years now, but we haven't received any placements. "Placements" mean just what it says: placements on an artist's album.I admit, during the lol nude model teen initial months of my team we were not that good. But two years have passed and practice really does make perfect. Our songs are amazing now. I never actually thought I was capable of creating genuinely good music. But with perseverance and time, I have turned into a real songwriter... now all I need is placements. I never realized how hard it would be to get where I need to be in my career. I always thought that if I make a hot song, I could get gallery lol nude toplist the money fast... but it turns out that a lot of `songwriters' are making hot songs. I'm not going to let that russian nude loli tgp stop me because I've already decided that this was going to be the career that I chose.I'm a 20 years old recently unemployed college student. Musically I am a songwriter, pianist, guitarist, singer, engineer and vocal arranger. I'm learning to be a producer but my lack of rhythm prevents me from making hot drum patterns. I lolitas tgp bbs sites have a small studio in the house that my parents left me when they moved to Florida for retirement and that's where my team and I record our `hits.'I'm dressed in my gray business suit, youtube naked sexy lolita white shirt, silk blue-and-black-checkered tie and black shoes. I removed my my dream lolitas biz earrings, brushed my hair, smiled in the mirror once, grabbed my car keys and left my house. I like to look professional when I am trying to conduct business. I am the CEO of non nude lolita image Blackout so I try to represent myself accordingly. "So how long have yall been writing songs?" said the main producer. "We've been a team for about two years," said Mark, one of my teammates. "You guys xxx lolita preteen girls sound good for only two years, who is video collections lolitas jpg singing on you guy's songs?" "Three of us sing so it depends on which song you are k ds lolita models talking about," I said. "Damn, have yall thought about forming a group?" "Haha, naw it would be cool, but that's not really our goal," said Joe, another member. "Ok, well this is what I'm going to do for you guys. Since I did not produce these tracks, I can't help you get placements because business-wise that would not be smart. But lolitas young girl models I will give you guys a CD of 10 empty tracks. I'll give you a week and bring me back at least one song written and recorded and if your skills are as consistent as they are on this CD, then I might be able to help give one of yall a publishing deal to represent yall's team. It was good meeting you guys."The meeting was somewhat successful. We've heard everything he said before and nothing as transpired as a result, but maybe this could be the guy that can make things happen. Two weeks passed by thai lolita pussy pics and we sent the producer the prelolita top 100 nude track 9 days ago. We are still waiting loli pic r ygold on a response from him. It's odd that the producer hasn't immediately responded saying whether he liked or didn't like what we did. Luckily we got it copyrighted, so we're lolita nymphet preteen girls protected no matter what happens. Suddenly my phone vibrates photos nudist angelic lolitas and I realize I got a new email. It was the ls lolitas ru forum producer!"Hey Rome, We really liked what you lolita bbs gentle angels guys did with the track. Extremely impressed! There's some good news that has come out of it. Give me call as soon as you can. 678-555-5555"I immediately text Mark and tell him about the email and he excitedly tells me to call him now. I realize I can't do it until classes are over which sucks because they don't end until 6:00 and its only 4:00! So I decide to skip my last class and call underage lolitas in thongs the guy back. It's business!"Hello?" the producer answers"What's going on man, this is our great lolita bbs Rome.""Rome! How's it going man."?"Hopefully you can tell me!""Haha, yeah. So look, I loved yall's song the moment I heard it and was thinking what I could do with it. How do you feel about Omarion?""Not a fan, why you ask?""Haha, well his lolita pedophile kiddie porn people called me looking loly girls non nudes for a nice R&B/Pop style song for his next album and I immediately thought of this song.""I think I could learn to be a fan...""I sent them the song and they responded this lolita model free photo morning saying Omarion himself lola luv megan good wants to record it tomorrow at Doppler studios." "Really??" "Yes, who is singing on the demo?" "That's me." "Well I need you to be at the studio tomorrow to help coach Omarion on exactly how you recorded it because you did a perfect job my dude." "Man this is crazy, you already know I'm down. So what time do we need to be there?" "I only need two of yall to come. Is 4:00 cool?" "I mean, I have class." "This is definitely worth playing hooky." "Aight, I'm there." "I'll text you the directions and instructions about getting in." "Aight man, and thanks." "Keeping making hits." I sent out a text to the team saying: EMERGENCY MEETING AT MY HOUSE 7:00 SHARP!! At the meeting I explained what the illegal lolita bbs cp call was about and after we all calmed down, it was decided that Mark and I would attend the studio session. Mark was the only one that russian underage lolita pics was not in college so it made sense. We pulled up in Doppler lolita girl 12 naked studio's parking lot free lolipop incest pics on Friday evening 3:45 and nervously began walking toward the door. We pressed the button to ring the receptionist, I told kids russin lolitas teeens her our names and the door opened up. She smiled and guided us to our desired studio room. In there was the producer I talked to and two other guys, one obviously being the engineer. "Sup guys, you ready to get to work?" "You already know man," I said. "Now sexy non nude lolita which one is Rome?" "That's me," I pretten lollitas little girls said as I lollipop lolita gallery petite gently put up two and a half fingers. "Aight Mr. Vocalist, Omarion should be coming soon. What's your name?" He said toward Mark. "I'm Mark," lolita sex preteen models he said extending his hand for greeting. We had small talk for about 30 minutes and in walked Omarion wearing a V-neck t-shirt, fit blue jeans and shades. The producer got thai image bbs lolita up said, "The superstar arrives!" "Haha, pre teen lolitas forbidden sorry I'm late T, I can't get used to ATL traffic." "I feel you. Look these are the songwriters, that's Rome who is also the singer you heard and that's Mark his asian lolita girls nude co-writer." Omarion came over to us and little russian lolitas video gave us a handshake. "Sup fellas, that's a good free illegal lolitas porn song yall wrote. Thanks for letting me record." "No problem man, I'm excited to hear the result." I said. Omarion turned to T, the producer, and said, "Yo you said he was the one singing?" T nodded and Omarion continued, "Well I want to keep some of his background vocals on the song. It'll give it a nice soft tone in contrast to mine I think." "It's up to this guy," T said pointing to me. "So what do you say?" Omarion asked me smiling. "Yeah that's cool." I said trying to act as if this was normal.Eight hours went by and we only halfway through the song. T free lolicon pics preteen asked Omarion if he wanted to finish it another day, but Omarion was persistent about finishing it today due to other schedule conflicts. This guy was a true perfectionist, and he's actually not a bad singer either. He's not as studio-compressed as I thought. Mark had to leave around 10:00 to pick up his girl and everyone else left too except for Omarion, T, the engineer and me. I was tired and now had no ride home. My parts were done, Omarion was just perfecting his parts which is understandable because it took a good two days for me to record just the demo. It was 1:14 in the morning and T had to leave. Omarion offered to take me home because we were almost done. We just had to add a creative intro and outro to send the song off for mixing. The song was officially finished at 2:23. Omarion bbs illegal russian lolita was almost hoarse and I was almost sleep. We packed our stuff up and started walking out. Omarion had rented a grey Range Rover that just smelt of money. "Aight, tell me where to go man." "Bust this left and make a right on the highway until you get to Exit 2" "Aight." The first five minutes were silent. I was scared as shit to talk. I mean, this guy is an international superstar and he was driving me home after recording a song that I wrote! "So how long freedom lolita bbs portal have you been writing and singing?" He asked me. "Singing since I was kid, started writing songs in high school. I formed a songwriting team two years when I first got in college." "Smart guy, what year are you?" "Sophomore, I'm 20 years old." I said smiling "Man why are you in college when you have all of these great musical talents? You really should be an artist." "Haha, yeah that's easy for you to say Mr. Superstar... v rg ns lolita but in the real world it's harder than you think. Plus I'm a pretty private person. I like to be alone sometimes and just write stories, poetry and of course songs." "I can understand that, and trust me I know how hard it is. Actually getting the record deal was the easiest for me. Keeping up the industry is the hard part. My free teen lollita picture last album didn't do as good as I wanted it to. It seems like preteens lolita free pics the harder I work and the better I get, the less my album sells." "Yeah I realize that happens with a lot of artists. Even Usher suffered that fate." "Nobody is safe, except maybe Jay-Z." teen bikini lolita ametuer he laughed. "Yeah I think its young black lolita pics much easier just supplying the songs and have yall do all the hard work." I joked. "I 10 best lolitas sites guess that's why you're in college. Smart!" lolitas bbs post board "Yo turn left up here and my house is on the left." "You live with you parents?" "Naw, they moved to preteen lola girls nude Florida so I guess you can say I'm house-sitting until it sells, then I'll get an apartment or something." "Cool sounds like a plan." "That's me right there," I said pointing to a brick lolitas house underage angels house on a hill. He drives up the hill and said, "Aye you mind if I crash here tonight? I'm too tired to drive." "Yeah no problem man." Again, trying to act like this is normal We entered the dark house and I turned off the alarm system. "You want something to drink man?" I asked. lolits toples underage teen "Got any goose?" he joked while smiling. "Haha, naw but I got some Ciroc, Absolute or Bacardi 151." "What you know about all that young'n?" he joked. "More than you know." I said smiling my cool smile. "Mind if I make myself a drink?" "Be my guest. Cups are over there... I'm bout to go upstairs real quick." "Aight dude." When I came down, Omarion had prepared to two cups of mixed drink with two shots. "Yo I found some Patron, you cool with that?" "Drink away superstar." "I made you one too! Let's take a shot for a finished song lolita movies uncut channel preteen lolita kids sites and then chill drink for a little. This'll be the only break I'll get in about two weeks." "Uuhhh... aight. How many times will I get to drink wit a celeb." "Plenty more if you keep writing!" We took our shot of Patron and little young lolita picture then chased it with more lolitas x upskirt colegialas alcohol, haha. "You let me hear some more of your music." Omarion said. I love showcasing my music so I lead him downstairs to my `music room'. "You play the keys?" He asked noticing my Fantom. "And the guitar," I said pointing to it. "I don't believe you, let me hear something!" I started playing the piano and then the guitar and Omarion just stood there and smiled, pre teen oriental loltas "Man I wish I had talent like lol lola bbs magazine that." "Yeah I wish I could dance!" "You can't??" "I was the laughingstock of my high school prom," I lolita dark studio preteen joked. "Haha, I'm gonna teach you how to dance," he said, already a little tipsy as he mocked danced. "Haha, naw I'm good dude. Some people just weren't born to dance." loli lolita pedo webring "Aight whatever, well let me hear your stuff now!" I sat down at my computer and free female preteen lolitas played him some songs. "Dude you are great! I'm gonna introduce sweet little girls loli you to some people I know to get you more placements!" he said "That would be too cool a lolita preteen pussy my nigga." "Yeah it would, it would." He said as he starting singing one of the the preteen lolita nymphet songs I ukrainian ls lolita pics played. It was about 3:45 and O and me were just chilling and erotic lolita free pics talking. We both lost our buzz a little so we began to get sleepy. "Aight dude, well I'm about to take a shower and go to sleep. You can sleep in the other room if you want. There's a pull out couch. Or there's a guest room upstairs next to my room. If you want to shower, there's a bathroom down here. " I said. "Got any extra under clothes?" "Yeah I'll get you some." "Aight man, that's cool." He said smiling. I grabbed an unworn boxer-briefs best dark lolitas portals and black wife-beater then walked downstairs to find him already in the shower. I placed it next to the closed door and went upstairs and took my little lolita nude videos shower. I took a pretty long shower this time, trying lolita guy model free to grasp everything that has happened today. Not only did Omarion record one of our songs and want me to sing background, but he also took me home and is spending the night. Crazy day! I got out the shower and partially dried off. I walked towards my room to find Omarion looking at stuff in my room. He turned to me and said, "Boxer-briefs?" "Yeah man, that's the grown man underwear." I said smiling as I walked to my mirror. "This my first time wearing them, mad comfortable man." "I know," I said as I put my underwear on under my towel so now to show anything. "They look sexy as shit on me too," he said modeling in the mirror. "You must still be tipsy," I joked as I lotioned up. "Haha, got jokes. Aye lemme get some lotion bruh." I squirted on more shot into my hand and passed him the bottle. As I was lotioning my arms, I felt a cold wet feeling on my mid-back. I looked in the mirror and saw Omarion smiling, "You missed a spot dude." "Uh, thanks...I guess." I said as he finished rubbing it on my back. Then I turned around looked at him, who was a few inches shorter than me. He put his hands on my side and started gently caressing me. "Aye man, what are you doing?" I said, confused but mentally unable to move away. "I'm interested, but if I'm offending you then I'll stop." He said licking his fozya zep bbs loli lips. "So you're telling me you're bisexual?" "What makes you think that?" "Because you're caressing me and telling me you're interested." "Haha, college boy. Well yeah, but I'm probably more gay than bi." "And you are comfortable with admitting top gallery lolita nude that?" I said backing away. "Man I'm 24, I might as well be real with you lolita nudee pic underadge as well as myself." "Why you telling me this?" "Are you telling me that you're gonna expose me or something?" "Naw, of course not dude! nude lolita top link I just... I don't young lolita models usercash know... this is just weird." Then he came closer to me and placed his hand on my chest and used his thumb to play with my nipple. I closed my eyes and looked upwards letting out a sensational sigh. "So... are you interested?" lolitas nymphets nude photos nude lola preteen art "I mean, maybe. But I'm not sure if I am because you're a guy, or because you're Omarion." "You're not attracted to dudes?" "I didn't think I was, but bruthaman below is saying something different." I said with a small lolita dark cp list grin. "Yo I find you so attractive, ever since I lolita top dark galleries first saw you in the studio. Then when I found you was the writer/singer made me crushing for you." "Haha, really?" "Real talk my dude, after african lolita pussy pics I realized ya boy had to leave and you needed T to take you home, I took longer recording the song so I could take you instead." "Oh so you been plotting preteen bbs sexy lolitas to get with me," I said smiling. "Yeah I was nervous as hell talking to you, that's why I needed some alcohol." "I was nervous talking to you too!" "But I guess for different reasons." He said looking down. I walked up closer to him, lifted his head up and gave him a long deep kiss, "I'm interested." He naughty nude lolitas pics smiled lolita nymphet top models and kissed me back, this time longer as he inserted his tongue. After we stopped I said, "So what's up now... you're the expert at this," I said smiling. He smiled his million-dollar smile and said, "Get on your bed taboo russian loli gallery and lay down." I did what I was told and laid down wearing only my boxer-briefs. He then best loli dark portal crawled on the bed on top of me and started kissing my neck. He dragged his tongue across my skin every time he found a new spot to suck on. He played lolita russian teen porn with both my nipples, turning me on more and more, before he start to suck on my right nipple wetting it with his tongue and gently biting it. After doing the same to the left nipple, he made his way down to my third leg. "You like getting head my dude?" Omarion asked as he was rubbing my thighs, still covered by my underwear. "If you do lolita virgin 13 yo it right," I said. He laughed as he moved further downward. He gently took off my black underwear and my 8.5" pornstar gratis pre lolitas hard dick stood up. He started licking the shaft before he sounded his lips on lolita teen lesbian sex the tip of teeny lolita young nude my dick. I felt the warm suction for his wet mouth as he moved up and down on my dick while one hand playing with my nipples and the other one guiding my dick lolitas pics vids underage into his mouth. I could hear him gagging as he pushed more and more into naked lolita porn pics his mouth making me curl my toes up and back to arch upwards. "Damn dude, you're fuckin amazing." "You like that nigga? How bout bust one in my mouth for me." He whispered while jacking me off. He went back down on my dick and I felt myself about to explode. "Shit nigga, its coming...aahh..." Six squirts of my juice exploded into his mouth as it mixed with his spit. "Fuck O, dat was hot as shit." Omarion got up and smiled, he started walking to the bathroom until I said, "Aye where you going?" "To get a towel," he said. "Naw, now its your turn." I said pd cp kids lolita top lolita boys peedo as I got up and pinned him against the wall, kissing him, tasting a little of my cum as my tongue searched his mouth. "Go lay down," nude teen loli models I said cuffing his ass. "Yessir!" He said smiling. I wanted be different from him so I told flipped him over and got on top of him giving him a massage. Then I started kissing his neck leading down to the middle of his back. "Oh yeah," whispered a relaxed Omarion. I then started squeezing his ass and kissed each cheek before spreading them open and spitting in the hole. I could hear Omarion moan as I dived my tongue in his hairy hole and started to eat him out. "Mmmm damn Rome, that feels so good." I continued my explorations of his ass as he kept moaning. I got up, turned him back around started jacking his dick. One hand was playing with his balls as I began to lick his mushroom. I then went completely down on his now 9" hard dick, unable to suck the whole thing. Omarion rubbed his hands on my head and then started playing with my ears as I moved up and down on his manhood. "Damn, you are hitting the spots teens candids lolita models lolita bbs thong models Rome." Suddenly I felt dexo lolitas pedo models his jerk and then shoot seven shots of his sperm into my mouth that I was unable to swallow and eventually spit all out in my hand. "Damn you gold site young loli are hot Rome," Omarion said sitting up smiling, "Yeah, I'm about to go get that towel now." I went to the bathroom and started to wash my hands and my mouth out with water. Then Omarion came behind me, hugging me softly as we looked child model pics lolitas at each other in the mirror. Then he said, "So what does this mean?" "What lolita teen models sandra you mean by that?" I asked looking at him in his mirror eyes. "I want you to be my dude," he said. "You just met me nigga... and you're famous!" I said "Don't worry about all that lil nigga, do you want to?" "I mean, yeah, but..." "Then I'll figure something out. You forget you are a talented songwriter so I can make this work for us." "Haha, aight I'll try this out." "To the world, you just received a new best friend... but you've really gotten all the love and sex you want," "I guess its my lucky day then." "More like mine."This is the first chapter into a songwriter's journey into the music industry. Stay tuned for more celebrity mentioning and sex. To read about your favorite black celebrity, email me at
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